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Our Mermaid Journey

Sasha has always been fascinated by the magic of mermaids and the ocean, she began collecting shells as a small child and now is a proud owner of thousands and thousands of rare and unique seashells from around the world.

Sasha has always wanted her own mermaid cafe, serving heatlhy but fun pink and blue foods however this plan kept being put on hold.

In 2022 The Mermaid Cave concept was formed in Sasha's quirky little mind abit like Disneys famous Ariel having a cave full of human treasures, Sasha wanted a cave full of mermaid treasures, to share her collection with everyone and educate the next generation of the importance of seashells and the molluscs that make them. 

Not many people thought Sasha's idea was a viable one, some said it was crazy, some stupid and some just didnt get the concept but Sasha had her mind set and wasnt going to back down!

Sasha spent a long time convincing her wife to go along with her plans, but eventually Georgia got into the spirit of things!

Next was finding a premises and convincing the real estate and owners of the building that she could pull this off!

We completely gutted the building with the owners help and support and we rebuilt from the ground up, we had to quickly learn lots of new skills and how to use power tools!

There were many many late nights and lots of tears and tantrums but we accomplished everything Sasha had dreamed of.

Our cave collection grows every year with thousands more shells being added, aquariums, microscopes and lots of different art workshops and parties with real mermaids!

In late 2023 the building next door became available and finally all Sasha's plans fell into place as we took that over to become our Mermaid Cafe, from the beginning Sasha knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it.

Unfortunately, the building hadn't been touched in a long while and needed lots of work and right before christmas there wasnt many trade available!

We quickly picked up the tools and ripped up carpets, hired machinery and learnt to grind and seal concrete floors, build stud walls, tile walls, build bench seats and put together flat pack furniture, find suppliers and of course Sashas paintings all over the walls to make it the bright happy place it is now.

Mermaid Cafe opened in Feb 2024 and proudly employs and supports a range of neurodiverse and LGBTQ staff as well as offering a safe space to others.

We support local businesses and use local, healthy products.

Please be kind to our staff.

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